Why do I need CCTV for my home or business?

CCTV for home or business

If you are asking yourself, why do I need CCTV for my home or business, then you have stumbled across the right article for you. In short closed-circuit television provides a wide range of benefits to those who use it.

Firstly, and most obviously, they deter crime, especially crimes such as petty theft and vandalism. Imagine a criminal is in your shop and about to steal your stock but he notices that you have a CCTV camera recording. The chances are he will change his mind and leave without committing the crime. Research supports the fact that security systems have a significant impact in reducing crime.

CCTV is constantly in operation. If something happens in the area monitored by your CCTV camera then it is going to captured. 24/7, 365 days a year your CCTV system can be relied on to keep a constant vigil.

CCTV can maintain records so you can access them whenever you need. The images and videos captured by a CCTV camera are recorded and stored in its database. Therefore, if you need to access them, images and video can be retrieved from any date recorded. If you need to know what happened at a date in the past, then you can access the database to uncover the footage that you need.

The benefits of CCTV for your business are far more extensive than you first think. Not only do they deter thieves, but they keep a close eye on the staff that you have working there. This both promotes good behaviour and honesty from your staff, while making sure of their safety should they encounter abusive customers.

Finally, security cameras contribute towards creating a safer environment. Statistically the property the system is monitoring is far less likely to fall victim to criminals.

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