Best Back Office Software

Back-office departments are rarely in contact with customers directly. However, they are the corner stone of every business. Invisible to the customer, they are the backbone of every local shop, bank and international corporation. So, what is the best back office software for your business?

All the tools you need to make your business more efficient and successful in one place. Customisable reports give you control – selecting the information that is important to you. Products, mixtures, ingredients, groups, suppliers and price bands can all be controlled by head office. This not only ensures consistency but also dramatically reduces on-site workload, whilst allowing delegation of selected POS data control to selected outlets or departments.

We understand that in an increasingly competitive marketplace data security is a high priority for the modern business. Our ePOS systems include security features that act at all levels, at site, at head office and during communications. With our head office solution, you can rest assured that your business information is in safe hands.

Introducing, Uniwell's best back office software solutions.
Epos Sales - best back office software at entry level

ePOS Sales

Our entry level EPOS management product is ePOS Sales. It offers superb sales and staff analysis combined with full control over your Uniwell EPOS systems. The system will greatly improve the management of your business and provide valuable decision-making data with minimal effort.

ePOS Office is a comprehensive sales analysis, stock control and POS management tool

ePOS Office

ePOS Office is a comprehensive sales analysis, stock control and POS management tool, designed specifically for Uniwell EPOS systems. Above all the system greatly improves the day to day management of your business by providing valuable decision-making data with minimal time and effort.

ePOS Centraloffers maximum control over your EPOS terminals and multiple sites

ePOS Central

Finally ePOS Central is ideal for multiple outlet retailing. It provides centralised product control and comprehensive inventory reporting. From quick summaries to detailed reports, CCR Epos Ltd provide ePOS solutions that provide you with the information you need to make profit making and cost saving decisions.